Sales of air disinfection / purification machines in the Chinese market| BMC Research Notes

Total sales volume (including companies and individuals)

After a preliminary understanding, we found that the overall sales volume of air purification / disinfection machines in the Chinese market did not show an obvious upward trend, in which the sales volume of individual customers showed a downward trend, but the sales volume of enterprise customers increased.

Example: Application scenarios, target customers of various products of DK company

Characteristics of target customers(Detailed division)
1Air & Surface Patented Technology - Bonaventum
( In China, we call it - Air disinfection machine)
Bonaventum is a mobile device for disinfection of air and surfaces by ozone regeneration. Destroys odours, fumes & bad smells by inactivation of organic source.
(Large size)

Focus on: places that are prone to smell, smoke and unpleasant smell, as well as places with a large number of people, places that necessary to purify the air so that people can have a good experience.
Places requiring disinfection.
Focus on: Enterprise customers

2Air & Surface Patented Technology - Bonazone
( In China, we call it - Air disinfection machine)
Bonazone is a mobile device for disinfection of air and surfaces by ozone.

Compared with the Bonaventum, the product is smaller in shape and can be used in more business scenarios.
The product may not have much competitive advantage in China (from the competitor's market publicity, Chinese competitors can design similar products, but the appearance design is more beautiful) - it may be that Chinese competitors cannot compete with DK at the technical level, but Chinese customers may not understand this and choose products with more beautiful appearance only based on the exaggerated publicity of Chinese competitors. However, for industries with low appearance requirements and focus on functionality, we can still focus on this type of market, such as hospitals, schools, scientific research bases, factories and so on

3Air & Surface Patented Technology - Bonalux
( In China, we call it - Air disinfection machine)

Bonalux is an effective mobile device for air filtering
and disinfection. Eight germicidal lamps and a powerful yet
quiet fan ensure continuing disinfection while people are in situ.

Focus on: radiation that is easy to breed bacteria and endanger human health; Places that do not need noise or low noise; Places with large space needs sterilisation
4Disinfectant - TyroSan20
The application of HOCL (Activated H2O) as a disinfectant. The chemical makeup of the solution disinfects, sanitises, and deodorises as it is applied on surfaces. TyroSan20 is a versatile disinfectant, steriliser and topical antiseptic spray. It is safe to use around people

It is suitable for the disinfection and sterilization of various organic substances, including animals and plants.
It is suitable for the disinfection and sterilization needs of human living environment.

5Rejuvenating Antiseptic Spray - Skin Fiks

Specially formulated as a sensitive and non-irritant solution for all skin types
Suitable for use on skin and scalp affected by: - eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, piercings, acne, maskne, rosacea, inflammation, redness, pruritus and even insect bites/stings.

It belongs to consumer goods that can be widely used.

By preliminarily analysing the product information of DK, our research report can include the following contents and solutions:

1. Industry analysis
DK's product line involves different demand types. Therefore, we will separate two industries for macro analysis to understand the development and future trend of relevant products in the Chinese market. So as to help DK company understand which kind of products may be more promising in China.
1) Industry 1: analysis of air disinfection / purification machine industry (focus on: development status and Prospect of air disinfection machine) 
2) Industry 2: disinfectant industry analysis (focusing on the development status and Prospect of hypochlorous acid disinfectant)

2. China's policy analysis
DK company has high-level product quality requirements and has reached international quality certification standards. Most products are likely to meet the quality standards of China. We will analyze the relevant policies and regulations of the Chinese government on its products to further clarify the relevant information, including quality standard regulations, policy support, etc. (it is preliminarily understood that the Chinese government has policy support for hypochlorous acid disinfectant, which will promote the development of this type of disinfectant in the Chinese market and gradually replace the market of disinfectants with the same purpose of other disinfectants.) 

3. Analysis of Chinese competitors (competitive products, marketing strategies, price analysis)
1) Three competitors of air disinfection 
2) Analysis of three competitors of TyroSan20 products 
3) Analysis of three competitors of skin Fiks products 

4. Chinese consumer analysis and marketing strategy (formulate marketing strategy based on consumer attributes, consumption motivation and competitor analysis)
1) Consumer analysis and marketing strategy of air disinfection machine 
2) Consumer analysis and marketing strategy of TyroSan20 products
3) Consumer analysis and marketing strategy of skin Fiks products

5. Comprehensive marketing strategy and budget analysis in China 

6. Feasibility analysis of localized production of products 

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