There exists a possibility of over-communication in conference call - most people are not natural multitaskers – allow for set periods of non-communication time to boost productivity. Remember that work is not 24/7 and that, just because staff cannot be seen, does not mean that they do not have their own issues and personal commitments to attend to.

Course Outline
1.Clear communication in multicultural meetings 
2.Preparation - action agendas
3.Setting tone for quality meetings
4.Time management
5.Building trust - getting effective participation
6.Resolving conflict
7.Dealing with difficult behaviour, non-verbal communication
8.Getting action on action items
9.Evaluation for continuous improvement
10.Building online rapport and engagement
11.Effective teleconferences
12.Virtual distance - physical, operational, affinity

The general version of this course is 14 hours.
This course offers customised and open classes for internal training