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- Focus on strategic and tactical solutions for individuals and organisations
- Partnership collaboration model to understand client context, objectives and expected performance outcomes
- Fully customised products that can be replicated and scaled across client organisations
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Coaching Project Case
The client is one of the largest architecture and design practices in the world.
Client seeks one-on-one, face-to-face coaching for the two subjects (senior members of staff) at VP level) to modify some adverse behavioural / attitudinal issues and refine their overall leadership skills. During Phase I of Client’s coaching project, we successfully delivered on developing two coaching projects aligned to the SVPs’ requirements and requests - thought leadership based around a new product concept, and the creation of a motivational environment for a team of 600 people. We were invited back to client’s Shanghai offices in early March 2022, to begin planning discussions on an expanded Phase II of the coaching project.
Client Feedback