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Motivation, Satisfaction & Engagement
Desired Outcomes:
Job satisfaction is not the same as engagement. Many common steps taken by leaders to motivate employees, e.g. pay rises and enhanced benefits, are actually not motivational, but merely transactional factors that can be easily replicated – by employees leaving to go and work elsewhere. 
To create the most favourable conditions for motivation to grow and thrive in a workplace environment it is necessary to diagnose underlying issues right down to the individual level. Through innovation, understanding, and leading by example, leaders can create the optimum conditions for high levels of employee engagement.
However, whilst leaders can strive to put everything in place for an engaged, motivated culture, the final step – motivation itself – must come from within individual employees.
Course Outline:
1. Defining: motivation, satisfaction, and engagement – understanding key differences
2. Understanding and influencing employee satisfaction – defining motivational factors, attitudes towards work, and the reasons behind them
3. Job satisfaction vs. engagement – are your employees just satisfied, or truly engaged?
4. Levels of employee engagement – knowing where your organisation is now
5. Transforming company culture – creating the buy-in to change in corporate culture
6. Workplace motivational skills – tactics for a motivational culture
7. Leaders as motivators – motivational culture through leadership
8. Inspiring motivation – motivational leadership through behaviour and example

The general version of this course: 7 hours workshop.
We also can customise the course to match your business better.