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Project Management
Desired Outcomes:
1. Let students have a clearer understanding of project management theory and a deeper understanding of the impact of project environment on project work
2.Understand the foundation and success factors of project management
3.Establish a common project management language and culture within the organization
4. Understand the roles and responsibilities of project managers and members
5. Enrich your project management knowledge, methods, tools and skills
6.Understand the 13 key processes of project management
7. Understand scrum framework and some common tools of agile project management
8. Apply what you have learned to your work and daily life
Course Outline:
Day 1
1. Basic concepts of project management
2. Project life cycle and methodology concepts
3. Project approval before project start
4. Start project - Project charter
5. Start project - project organization and structure

Day 2
1. Start project - Project scope
2. Start project - WBS & project activity list
3. Organization and preparation - project schedule
4. Implementation projects

Day 3 & 4
1. Project risk management
2. Management of relevant parties
3. Brief introduction of Agile Project Management (Supplement)
4. Project procurement management & Quality Management & Integration Management
5. Team building & Communication Management
6. Closing and evaluation
7. Post project operation phase
8. Summary and questions

The general version of this course: 7 hours workshop.
We also can customise the course to match your business better.