Powering Your Global Business
Meeting & Teleconference Skills
Desired Outcomes:
There exists a possibility of over-communication in conference call - most people are not natural multitaskers – allow for set periods of non-communication time to boost productivity. Remember that work is not 24/7 and that, just because staff cannot be seen, does not mean that they do not have their own issues and personal commitments to attend to.
Course Outline:
1. Basic concepts of project management
1. Clear communication in multicultural meetings
2. Preparation - action agendas
3. Setting tone for quality meetings
4. Time management
5. Building trust - getting effective participation
6. Resolving conflict
7. Dealing with difficult behaviour, non-verbal communication
8. Getting action on action items
9. Evaluation for continuous improvement
10. Building online rapport and engagement
11. Effective teleconferences
12. Virtual distance - physical, operational, affinity

The general version of this course: 7 hours workshop.
We also can customise the course to match your business better.