Powering Your Global Business
Business Presentation Skills
Content Design & Mastering a Presentation
Presenting information clearly and effectively is key to getting your message across. Presentation skills are just as important as the information you are presenting, especially to a cross-cultural audience. Today, English language presentation skills are required in almost every field. Learn how to design, prepare and deliver effective presentations with this practical interactive workshop - based program.
Course Outline:
1. Planning
2. Developing Content
3. Preparing a Presentation
4. Delivering - Starting a Presentation
5. Effective Communication Techniques
6. Delivery - Body of  a Presentation
7. Cross - Cultural Communication
8. Delivery - Concluding a Presentation
9. Handing Questions
10. Feedback and Evaluation

The general version of this course: 14 hours workshop.
We also can customise the course to match your business better.