Powering Your Global Business
Business Email Writing
Course Outline:
Day 1 Topics:
1. Business writing style & key points
2. 7Cs of communication & essential factors for good email communication
3. Organising your email - general organisational principles
4. Getting people to read and act on your messages – writing emails to persuade and get results
5. Effective techniques to start and to close your emails

Day 2 Topics:
1. Responding to emails & effective professional responses
2. Request emails - making effective professional requests
3. Follow-up emails after no response & how and when to follow up after no initial reply
4. Replying to say "no"- how to give a polite and effective negative response
5. Dealing with complaints
6. Negotiation via email & discussions in writing
7. Questions and further strategies before sending – further improving email effectiveness

The general version of this course is 14 hours.
This course offers customised and open classes for internal training