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Course Design, Development & Delivery
Design and development of non-accredited vocational courses and skills training workshops. Development of accredited vocational skills training courses – mostly Australian vocational education and training (VET) qualifications in Business & Management to date.
Materials fully designed and redesigned include learner guides (by unit), trainer guides (by unit), assessor guides (by unit), fully mapped student unit assessment tools (including short answer questions and full project assessments), learning presentation materials (by unit).
All materials are fully customised to the requirements of the Chinese market and the student cohort.

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Working in partnership with the RTO of a major Australian university, for the final two years of their contract in China. During this time we redesigned and customised their entire Australian VET courses, unit by unit, to make them more suitable for the Chinese market and student cohort (Y12 students) without scarificing any essential content or integrity.
During the first year of cooperation, through holding TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, we personally delivered an entire academic year in a Chinese school. In the second year, in addition to ongoing course design and development, we were able to mentor our client’s own trainers, supervise training and assessment as required, and assisted new trainers with preparation and practice before they successfully passed TAE40116.