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Change Management

business training program

"Change Management" is an extensive course aimed at equipping participants with the necessary strategies and approaches to effectively manage and adapt to change within a corporate environment. The programme delves into the mechanics of change at individual, organisational, and enterprise levels, highlighting the importance of a structured approach to change management that addresses both rational and emotional aspects.



Learning Objectives

  • To understand the various phases of change and identify the catalysts for change within an organisation.

  • To explore and apply different change management models, including Kotter’s eight-step process.

  • To develop skills to handle resistance to change and to engage stakeholders effectively throughout the change process.


Target Audience

This course is designed for senior managers, change leaders, HR professionals, and anyone involved in managing change within their organisation.


Course Content

  • Introduction to Change Management: Understanding its importance and the basic principles.

  • Detailed exploration of Kotter’s Change Model and other effective change management strategies.

  • Practical sessions on engaging stakeholders and managing resistance to change.

  • Discussions on cultural impacts on change management and how to lead change across diverse teams.


Expected Outcomes

Participants will leave the course with a robust understanding of how to effectively manage change within their organisations. They will gain skills to assess organisational readiness for change, implement change management strategies, and lead change initiatives that align with their corporate culture and business goals.

The course will utilise a mix of lectures, case studies, interactive discussions, and group workshops. Materials will include presentation slides, reading assignments, real-world case studies, and a comprehensive participant workbook.

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