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Cross-Cultural Communication & Awareness & Intellegence

The development of ‘International Talent’ is unstoppable.

The so-called ‘international talents’, in short, are high-level talents with high aptitude and processing ability in the global marketplace.

There is no doubt that being an international talent is very good for your career development. The most obvious is that you will have more choices and opportunities, especially for those who work in international cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, as well as in foreign companies or joint ventures. 

With the competitive quality of international talents, you have a stronger insight than most of your colleagues and cross-cultural (International Business) EQ; especially when dealing with international business scenarios. 

Learning Outcomes


  • International vision and innovation awareness

  • Understanding the international markets

  • Understanding international business practices

  • Strong intercultural communication abilities

  • Independent capacity for international activities

  • Strong ability to use and process international information

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