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Essential Skills for Work 

The course also provides the version of accredited qualification of City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Business Support for professionals and career starters. For those who have a genuine desire for success and excellence, a desire to work independently, and a willingness to link their personal development to the goals of the organisation, the course will help lay the foundation for career development. The application of the methods and tools taught by these courses can greatly improve the rapid development of business professionals, not only bringing greater opportunities for professionals, but also improving the performance of the employer organisation.

The value of these courses is not limited to the training classroom but is more about driving business results. Activity exercises in the course help students apply what they have learned to practical work scenarios. This form of class design, combining successful practical experience, makes students more involved in the training process, makes the course more effective, and has a longer term effect on the life and work of the trainees, so that the training itself achieves a maximum return on investment.

These courses can also be customised as units course of our accredited qualification: 

  • (4475-13) Level 3 Diploma in Business Support

What does this qualification cover?


This qualification covers the essentials of business administration, allowing the learner to develop the skills and knowledge required in a business environment.


The following areas that can be covered within this qualification:

• Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment

• Principles of providing administrative services
• Principles of managing information and producing documents
• Principles of supporting change in a business environment
• Principles of working in the public sector
• Principles of project management
• Principles of contributing to innovation and change.

All learners will cover the mandatory core units and then a choice of optional units.

Who could take this qualification?


Level 3 is ideal if you're fairly new to administration or have worked in an administrative role for some time. You'd like to prepare to move into a leadership role by learning how to effectively supervise others and contribute to wider departmental or organisational change.

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