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Cross-Cultural Communication

Business training program

In this course, we delve into the fundamental principles of cross-cultural communication, examining the impact of cultural differences on communication styles, norms, and perceptions. Through interactive learning experiences and practical exercises, you will develop a deeper understanding of how culture shapes communication and learn strategies for bridging cultural divides.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of culture and its influence on communication

  • Recognise and respect cultural differences in communication styles

  • Develop strategies for effective cross-cultural communication

  • Enhance intercultural sensitivity and competence


Target Audience

This course is ideal for professionals working in multicultural environments, international students, expatriates, and anyone interested in improving their cross-cultural communication skills. It is particularly relevant for individuals in roles that require interaction with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, such as business professionals, educators, and healthcare providers.


Course Content

The course content covers a range of topics, including cultural dimensions, nonverbal communication, language barriers, cultural stereotypes, and intercultural conflict resolution. Through case studies, role-playing exercises, and cultural simulations, you will gain practical insights into navigating cross-cultural encounters effectively.


Expected Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of cultural differences and their impact on communication

  • Improved ability to adapt communication style to different cultural contexts

  • Enhanced intercultural competence and sensitivity

  • Strengthened relationships and collaboration in multicultural settings

Teaching methods include lectures, group discussions, experiential activities, and multimedia presentations. Course materials include readings, videos, and online resources that provide additional insights into cross-cultural communication theories and practices.

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