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PAUL - Trainer & Facilitator | General Business Skills, Team Building, Cross-Cultural Awareness

Updated: Jan 29

Paul from USA provides training in promotional, influencing, speech and communication skills for enterprises, professionals. As an entrepreneur and event organiser, Paul has implemented 10-years of experience in improvisation to mobilize, synergize, and lead new projects to completion.Combined with the more than 35-years global business, training and coaching experience of the BM Consulting course development team, Paul delivers fully customised interactive workshops which utilise improvisation, role-playing and other activities; allowing trainees to learn, think and practice in the training subject areas.

  • Lecturer of BMC Partnership and City & Guilds China Centre

  • International sales (B2B & B2C) experience - 8 years

  • Training and coaching experience - 6 years

  • Project management experience - 6 years

  • International tourism and hospitality marketing and management – 8 years

  • Languages: English (native), Chinese (fluent – HSK5), German (proficient)

Trainees range from mid-level employees to senior enterprise management, with average course approval ratings currently exceeding over 90%. Paul is also fluent in Chinese and understands Chinese culture - when training Chinese students he can directly use Chinese to explain specific points and accommodate student English levels. This greatly enhances engagement and assists learning retention during his training sessions.

Paul’s extensive training experience includes a wide application of business scenarios: leadership, sales, negotiation, business communications, persuasion and influencing, team building, and customer service.

Recent training clients include: Unilever, Sidechef, L'Oreal, SAMAMARK, JinkoSolar, LuxsanTech and Mobile Industrial Robotics.

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