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Rakesh - Instructional Coach, Speaking development Coach, Education Counsellor


Instructional Coach , Executive Voice development / Speaking development Coach, Education Counsellor and School development Consultant

 “I am a third-culture adult with an extensive understanding of the international education, coaching, and counseling market. I have worked in seven different countries and have collaborated with individuals of diverse abilities, cultures, and backgrounds. I firmly believe in fostering ecosystems that prioritise nurturing relationships and creating inclusive and inviting learning environments. I place a high value on ethics and values and possess a keen ability to assess environments in terms of the challenges they present and the personal strengths of my clients.”

Rakesh has 17 years of global work experience. Over the past 10 years, he has become a professional trainer and facilitator, helping individuals and organizations develop their skills for growth. He specializes in training in English, Mathematics, Science, Economics, and Management. His expertise also extends to Leadership, and he holds all the relevant qualifications in above areas.


K-8 Math Specialist Graduate Certificate

Praxis 5733 Certificate with score of 198

Instructional Leadership Certificate - Harvard Graduate School of Education

Differentiated Learning Practitioner - Harvard Graduate School of Education

Certificate in Governance in International Schools - AAIE/Wilkes PA

Ethical Decision making in International Schools by AAIE/Wilkes PA

International School Management and Leadership by AAIE/Wilkes PA

K-8 Math Specialist - University of Wisconsin-Stout 

Teaching Degree- B.Ed - University of Mumbai

English / CELTA - University of Cambridge, UK

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